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The Way of the Hand and Foot

Taekwondo is the ancient Korean martial art with over 1400 years of tradition and history. It is renowned for its practicality and dynamic kicking techniques.

El Dorado Hills Taekwondo Champioin

2014 U.S. Open Taekwondo Gold Medalist, and El Dorado Hills Taekwondo student, Sharleen Duong

Taekwondo builds strong bodies and clear minds. At the El Dorado Hills Taekwondo Center, we train our minds and bodies with “Absolute Precision” in order to become happy, healthy and successful individuals.

On the physical side, we train to be in shape, defend ourselves if necessary, and live a long life. Mentally we train with respect, discipline, self-control, courtesy and perseverance.

El Dorado Hills Taekwondo, Martial Arts in El Dorado Hills

Established in 1994 with the vision of developing a single martial arts program custom tailored for a single community: El Dorado Hills. The philosophy of our program is simple: Provide each student with unlimited opportunity to develop martial arts skills and the enhanced sense of self that accompanies a Taekwondo lifestyle.

It is our sincere belief that the El Dorado Hills Taekwondo program offers multiple paths for self-improvement to students willing to commit themselves to consistent training. The movement and skills are simple and highly structured at the beginning, allowing newcomers of any physical condition to participate and make progress. At the other end of the spectrum, our Competitive Sparring and Conditioning Class, offers our advanced students the physical, technical and mental challenges necessary to prepare them for success at national class competitions.

Our martial arts program has thrived in El Dorado Hills for more than twenty years. We would consider it an honor to have the opportunity to show you the reasons why.

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Who Can Learn Taekwondo? Anyone!

KinderKicks El Dorado Hills Taekwondo

KinderKicks offers younger children many benefits.

Taekwondo can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, gender or physical condition. At El Dorado Hills Taekwondo, all exercises are done using controlled movements with no contact in beginner classes. Controlled contact is permitted among advanced students when properly equipped and only under the supervision of an Instructor. 

The number of women and children in Taekwondo has more than tripled in recent years. Much of this interest can be attributed to the nature of Taekwondo technique. In self-defense, striking and kicking are instinctive and these types of techniques can be readily adapted to the smaller physical structures of women and children.

Our classes include boys and girls as young as four to men, and women over 50. They range in experience from first time students to national champion black belts. We invite you to join us!

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El Dorado Hills Taekwondo, Martial Arts in El Dorado Hills